Hula Dance

The magic of hula

- Strength
- Coordination
- Stamina
- Grace
- Fluidity
- Sensuality

Aloha Goddess


Keep an eye on Amazon and in all good book stores for my upcoming publication 'Aloha Goddess' exploring the mythology and goddess architypes of Hawaii.

Aloha Goddess.jpg

Aloha Goddess is my first hard copy/IRL book. And I would love you to be involved in creating the second! I want 'Hawaiian Goddess' to be a collection of stories from Women. If you have a story about Hawaii, her culture and people, Stories of growing up on the islands or anything you would like to share about these special islands. Then I encourage you to get in touch!

What am I looking for?

2000-3000 words. From women from, or inspired in some way by Hawaii. This book is inspired by such awesome collaboration books as Naming The Goddess

How do I submit?

Email me your essay/article with title and a few lines about yourself. Once the stories have been collated by the publisher I will let you know ASAP if you've been succeful in making it into the book! contact me on

Will I get paid?

No. This is going to be a colaboration of love and Aloha, not least because it would get very complicated to split proceeds though all contributors! instead the proceeds will go to a Hawaiian charity Hawaii FoodBank. What I definately won't do though, is charge you anything for this opportunity - I know some of these collaboration projects do, and I think thats rubbish! 

Why should I submit?

This is a chance to tell your story, to share your love of the islands of Hawaii. To be part of a special project to spread Aloha spirit to the world.