One-to-one Yoga classes

Enjoy Yoga in your own home! I bring the mats and create your own personal programme, all you have to do is be there! this is a great way to focus entirely on your own personal Yoga goals in a place that is familiar and comforting.

£50 Per Hour

Yoga for Hens! (or any other fabulous party!)

Enjoy a themed yoga class specifically for your gorgeous group! from just £15 per head and includes a yo-goody bag! read more...

Yoga in your workplace

I have taught morning and lunchtime Yoga sessions in busy offices to help office workers find a little escape!

From £40

Yoga classes at conferences

I have most recently taught in Las Vegas, Boston and London conferences. All of which were for the tech community which inspired me to develop #DevYoga these are poses specifically for relieving issues developed by those who spend long hours in front of computers - such as loosening stiff neck and shoulders. The #DevYoga poses are also special because they require no special clothing or equipment; anyone can come along in their jeans!

From £50

Workshops at Yoga events

I have taught wonderful workshops on lots of topics including: the Chakras, goal setting and Equinox classes. I bring these workshops to Yoga events, retreats and conventions.

From £50