Step a little further into your yoga practice with beautiful workshops to inspire and enlighten!

Upcoming Bath YMCA Yoga Events

These workshops and retreats are open to everyone! we work hard to make them as affordable as possible in line with YMCA values to make wellbeing accessible and welcoming. All you need to do to book is email Bath YMCA's lovely bookings manager, or if you have any questions, email me!

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Past Workshops: Yoga in the Temple 2014 - 2017

There is no-where in Bath quite like the magical Temple built for the Goddess of the City herself: Sulis Minerva. Sulis was a deity worshipped at the thermal springs of Bath. Conceived of both as a nourishing, life-giving mother goddess,  and goddess of wisdom and decisions. Her temple sits within the grounds of Bath Botanical Gardens amongst flowers, ponds and trees. The perfect place for meditation, yoga and peaceful sanctuary.


Tuesday 25th April 6pm - 8pm

Theme: Vision

Use yoga and meditation to visualise your goals and dreams for the future.


Tuesday 30th May 6pm - 8pm

Theme: Meditation

Let go of stress with meditation, mindfulness and yin yoga


Tuesday 27th June 6pm - 8pm

Theme: Balance

featuring balances and breathing exercises to bring the mind into focus