One To One Yoga

Maybe you want to focus more fully on a pose or your practise, or you have a goal in mind, like weight loss, or are working with specific injuries - sometimes having the undivided attention of a Yoga teacher is just what you need to get exactly what you want from your practise. For these sessions I visit you in your own home: where you can feel most relaxed and at ease. I bring the mats and equipment - all you need to do is be there!

Whether you’re brand new to yoga or you're an experienced yogi, private 121 classes can be an invaluable tool for finding ease, fun and freedom through your yoga practice, and enhancing your entire wellbeing. 

If you have past injuries or particular areas of tightness or tension, I can help by providing sequences to work on these areas and provide hands-on assistance to help guide you deeper into postures. The focus and intention of my sessions is always to help you discover increased strength, flexibility and wellbeing, whether in the body or the mind – or both.

How to Book

  1. Head to my payments page and book 1 class or a block of 6

  2. Email me what times and dates work best for you and we'll schedule in your sessions!

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Additional Offerings:

Yoga in your workplace

I have taught morning and lunchtime Yoga sessions in busy offices to help office workers find a little escape!

From £60

Yoga classes at conferences

I have most recently taught in Las Vegas, Boston and London conferences. All of which were for the tech community which inspired me to develop #DevYoga these are poses specifically for relieving issues developed by those who spend long hours in front of computers - such as loosening stiff neck and shoulders. The #DevYoga poses are also special because they require no special clothing or equipment; anyone can come along in their jeans!

From £60

Workshops at Yoga events

I have taught wonderful workshops on lots of topics including: the Chakras, Goal setting, Goddess Work and Equinox classes. I bring these workshops to Yoga events, retreats and conventions.

From £60