Boosts for your day

As we move into darker nights, and new projects are underway. We can get to feeling a little low on sparkle, maybe a little tired. Here are just a few ideas you can easily bring into your day for a little 'boost'

Instant Boosts

  • Drink coffee after a task. It will boost your chances of remembering it, as does chewing gum or doodling while you do it.
  • Listen to music you like. This increases dopamine levels, thought to improve cognition.
  • Daydream. Daydreamers do better on tests than their more focussed peers. 
  • Studies have shown that just believing you can succeed in a task and visualising success can help boost your positive mind-set and drive. So don't forget to believe in yourself!
  • Stretch your body - with some gentle yoga, which releases serotonin into the bloodstream.

More long term… 

  • Exercise. Increases the level of a protein in your blood that promotes the growth and formation of new neurons.
  • Eat brain-friendly food. Food with Omega-3 fatty acids like fish, as well as B vitamins (in green veg, milk and shellfish), are thought to maintain brain function.