Creating Yoga Clothing P2

I'm having such a blast creating more designs for my Sentia Yoga clothing line; it's fantastic to be able to get creative with words and images. I'm thinking more about conveying messages as simply as possible. I've been using open source images and then adding in words and my logo.

I'm still taking my first steps into this new venture but I have a few tips if you are getting started.

  • Think about your niche: who are you hoping will wear your clothes? yogis, surfers, hikers, vegans? tailor your designs with them in mind!
  • Keep a close eye on what is popular: be prepared to cut designs that aren't selling well and try new ideas! or use a design that is popular and expand the range - have a vest, t-shirt and jumper with teh same design for example.
  •  Marketing! share, share, share again! You want to communicate what you are doing with as many people as you possibly can - try facebook and Instagram advertising, or if you have a mailing list - add in your new store to your next newsletter.