Goal Setting Workshop Worksheets

This is a workshop I run pretty regularly, I first started to grow interested in goal setting back in 2011, when I started a blog with a list of my life goals: everything from learning to make chutney (done!) to training to be a yoga teacher (also done!) to travelling to Japan (not done yet!) The blog posts focused around me reaching those goals - and also looked at useful techniques at setting and reaching goals.

A lot of reaccuring themes pop up in finding the best ways to set and reach your goals - certianly writing them down and regularly checking in with your goals is a big factor. Visualisation of your goals or visions is also useful.

As I've furthered my research into goal setting I've created some worksheets that I use for the sessions I run. If you've been to a goal setting workshop of mine and would like more worksheets you can dowload them here

If you'd like to take my goal setting course you can check my calendar for workshops coming up, or you can do the workshop right now online with Udemy. :)