Owning your day without the early morning

You’ve probably all read articles like this:

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and said to ourselves, “OK tomorrow, I get up at 6am and go for a run” or something similar, only to find the habit wanes quickly or maybe we don’t make it past that alarm. But perhaps we shouldn’t feel guilty that our mornings are not superchargedand stop worrying about what those successful people are doing with their 4am starts.

Because early mornings are not for everyone, in fact some research consider it bad for us: Scientists from the University of Westminster found that people who get up early (before 7 am) have higher levels of the stress hormone than those who tend to sleep in; and their stress level remained high all day. As soon as stress gets chronic it can cause suppressed immunity, migraine, and depression. The early risers who participated in the study also reported bad moods and muscle aches (though I am sure late risers also have both).

As always, some methods will work for some and not others. So if you have a rocking early riser routine — awesome! but, if like me, you continually hit snooze on that 6am alarm, how do you focus your day like our early riser friends?

  1. Lists - Whether its 6am or 9am taking a few minutes to note down your goals for the day is a simple way to help you wake up and set your days intentions
  2. Hold the Iphone- Don’t check your emails or insta-feed first thing, wait until you have done your most important tasks first. A wholesome breakfast and some morning exercise for example.
  3. Use your lunch hour wisely - walk, meditate, take a class — get away from your desk and move your body.
  4. Utilise your commute - Read a book or meditate if you take the train, or get your exercise in with a walk, run or cycle to work.
  5. Get your Group-On - Can you meet up with others over your lunch break or after work? this is a great chance to go for a group run/exercise. Groups are not limited to exercise, you could create mastermind group, a business club, a book group.
  6. Get organised in your evening time - check in with that morning To Do list and reflect on what worked and what didn't, take some time to prepare a healthy dinner, and set out clothes and things you need for tomorrow.

And remember that the best routine for you is the one you stick to, the one that helps you feel rested, organised, and competent. So make attainable goals, and go rock your day! (whenever it starts!)

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