Detox FAQ

Detoxing FAQs

Do I have to drink juice? or only juice?

Nope! A lot of people enjoy 'rebooting' or having regular juice detoxes. And indeed, a daily juice is a great way to get easy extra nutrients. But you can happily detox without a juice in sight!

Is it just about losing weight?

Nope! its so much more than that, but some weight loss can be a happy side effect.

Is it about cutting out of lots of foods?

Yes and No, this is not about starvation. So while you will be cutting out some foods (processed, sugary, fatty), you'll be aiming to eat lots more of others! (fruits, veggies, grains)

Where can I start?

Start simply: try replacing a few of your regular meals with less processed options, again, its not about being hungry, but swapping out foods for less processed options.

Here's an example

Instead of this -

  • Breakfast: Coffee and croisant with butter and jam,
  • Lunch: Subway sandwich, crisps and diet coke.
  • Afternoon snack: Jaffa cakes and a cappucino.
  • Dinner: Fish and chips.

Try This - 

  • Breakfast: Coffee and porridge with almond milk and fruit/nuts sprinkled on top.
  • Lunch: Salad of brown rice, lots of tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, spring onions.
  • Afternoon snack: Satsumas/Grapes/Blueberries and a handful of walnuts.
  • Dinner: Grilled fish with asparagus, broccoli and some boiled new potatoes.

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Here are some tools that might help, and the exact juicer that I own! but they aren't essential for you to start your journey.