The Eight limbs of Yoga: Samadhi

Samadhi (Enlightenment, Union)

The final step in the eight-fold path of Yoga is the attainment of Samadhi. Samadhi means "to bring together, to merge." In the state of samadhi the body and senses are at rest, yet the faculty of mind and reason are alert. During samadhi, we realize what it is to be an identity without differences, and how a liberated soul can enjoy pure awareness of this pure identity. 

Samadhi refers to union or true Yoga.

The achievement of samadhi is a difficult task. For this reason the Yoga Sutra suggests the practice of asanas and pranayama as preparation for dharana, because these influence mental activities and create space in the crowded schedule of the mind. Once dharana has occurred, dhyana and samadhi can follow.

These eight steps of yoga show the pathway as Patanjali saw it, to lead us to the attainment of physical, ethical, emotional, and spiritual health.