Fairweather Yogi: Yoga Wear for Hot Weather

When the temperatures rise, stay cool and comfortable in your practise. Ideas for summer, retreats and Bikram studios!

Loose and lovely

Loose soft cullotte/shorts are great for hot weather practise and dry quicker if you are heading outside after a sweaty class! Look for a light fabric and elastic waist.


Built in Support

It's one less layer to think about if you can merge your sports bra and vest into one garment! do try on before buying if you can though - to make sure the cut is right (some can be a little low at the bust)

Also look for comfortable wide straps and light colours if you can.



Buff Beauty

I love buffs (a soft material loop with a mutlitude of uses) for helping keep hair out of my eyes, also handy for tieing hair back and mopping sweaty brows!




Don't forget a big water bottle - hydrate before, during and after your practice!