Why Cornwall Rocks for Yoga Retreats

  1. Scenery: Cornwall is a place of amazing beauty; dramatic cliffs, vast expanses of ocean and beautiful greenery are all beautifully calming and joyful. Reconnecting to the earth and nature around you is a perfect way to leave stresses behind and reconnect. Yoga means to connect — and whether you are connecting to nature, or to yourself, appreciating beautiful and calming surroundings is a great place to start your journey.
  2. Magic is everywhere: Standing stones, Tintagle castle, cornish piskies, the mermaids of Zennor… Cornwall is a place of amazing spiritual energy, myth and legend. Those of you who know Cornwall already will know it has a very special feel to it, a magnetic pull, those who don't know; come visit! it’s hard to put into words the magic that dances in the air. Allowing yourself to be open to magic and transformation is the perfect foundation for a truly special retreat.
  3. Exotic worlds on your doorstep: Subtropical gardens, dolphins, sandy beaches… you can get them all in Cornwall. No need to travel far, or get on a plane!
  4. The Ocean: practice your ocean breath in a county surrounded by the ocean — you’re never far from the sea in Cornwall. Being near the ocean can help promote mindfulness state and reduce stress levels, and if the weather smiles on us: practising yoga flow beside the waves is a beautiful meditative experience!
  5. Local legends: Explore the geodomes of Eden project, the Lost Gardens of Heligan, the Minnack theatre, the Tate and Barbara Hepworth museums in St Ives. Each one beautiful and completely unique.

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