Harness The New Year Energy to Embrace Each Day

Sometimes in the dark, grey days of January, we find that we are counting down the days to a next big adventure or idea. The key to enjoying each day is that we embrace our present moment.  Learning how to breath new joys and new ideas into even the most grey day; can help you feel more content every day. Embrace the energy of the new year and be open to change, avoid running through your days on autopilot. You don’t need big changes, exotic travel and adventures to cherish each day. In fact small changes can make all the difference to help you appreciate the simple joys of life.

Here are 5 small changes you can start making right away to start your 2018 with intention

1. Mix up your commute: walk a different route to work or visit a new coffee shop

We are creatures of habit and it can be easy to settle into a routine. It can make life seem easier when we don’t have to think about what actions to take, that then become habit. But something new, even as simple as a different walking route creates new stimulus each day that helps break you out of repetition and ‘autopilot’ movements. New venues like coffee shops are also great for this — perhaps you’ll be inspired to try a new drink, or you’ll talk to a new person, or that new coffee shop offers a weekly event you could try out… trying new things often has a knock on effect of discovery!

2. Buy a plant

And tend it, watch it grow and bloom under your care. Or perhaps you’ll need to do some research and learn what makes it grow poorly! Or better yet, call a green-fingered friend or relation and ask for advice – they would love to share their knowledge with you. (Every year I buy a poinsettia plant for Christmas, but then tend in though into the new year, it keeps a burst of green in the house, especially important on the day we take the Christmas tree down!)

3. Buy a new notebook and use it to write down ideas and goals

If an inspiring idea or goal comes to you, write it down! Not only will it help inspire new ideas and goals, and keep track of them all as they come to you. But this will also show you possibilities as your list grows, to remind you that life is full of ideas and possibilities.

4. Change What You Have For Breakfast, or make the effort to have breakfast

Doing the exact the same thing morning may have you feeling like a robot, it’s that autopilot state again. Starting the day on a different dynamic can carry over to the rest of your day. If you don’t have time in the morning — maybe prepare a different smoothie each evening to grab in the morning. Or, get up earlier and claim some morning time to write, meditate or walk

5. Say Yes

This can be one of the most important ideas to break the patterns of what you normally do. Allow yourself to say yes to more opportunities! Have you been invited on a trip or event you might normally might steer clear of? Go anyway. You might have a ball, or you might find it’s not for you, but its all new experiences, and you can always take positives away from them.

On the same lines: say yes to things that challenge you or that you might turn down as you don’t feel ready i.e. give a talk, present a YouTube video, it doesn’t have to be perfect but you will be challenged to step out of your comfort zone! And might create something great!

Attempt to create more experiences and make the most of them. They don’t have to cost anything, or even be hard. Small and simple actions can help you embrace changes or form new ideas. Adding more engagement and stimulus into your life is key to brightening your January, and beyond!