Beautiful Boudavida - Conscious Yoga clothing

Once a month I teach a free class for the awesome Yoga clothing brand Boudavida.

With a goal creating a circle that supports the women and girls who will one day inspire the next generation of women and girls to get active. Every time you buy something from Boudavida they donate 5% to female athletes, charities, clubs and projects. So your purchase not only makes you feel great, it means you are helping more women and girls get active and improve their health and wellbeing. You can read more about their good works here.

Boudavida want you to feel good in your activewear, because if you feel good you'll want to get out there and exercise. And their team are some of the loveliest folks I know!

AND for a special discount on their lovely clothing; use the code SENTIA15 at the checkout online or instore!