The Curvy Yogi Awards 

The Curvy Yogi 'Contribution to Clothing' Awards

These awards — (Which I have just today made up) — are intended to:

A) Acknowledge outdoorwear brands that are recognising and meeting the needs of real active women.

B) Help you, the reader, find easily, options I have been searching for months!

The problem: Hot climates we encounter on yoga retreats, holidays, summertime. There is only one thing I care about in these situations: not wearing a bra. That's it, that's all I need to be happy in a hot climate, freedom from putting on an extra layer! anyone above a C cup will know that it's hard to feel comfortable a secure without a bra on, and in hot climates hard to feel comfortable with a bra on…dilemma! hence my love of inbuilt support in clothing. I get my support and get to ditch the bra.

And I have spent a good long time searching for tops and dresses that allow me to do this. There are a few good yoga brands that offer inbuilt support in a vest. but what about the rest of my day? I want to roll out of a cool shower, slip on a dress and flip-flops and get out the door.

So I proudly present to you, 3 brands that are doing excellent work in the field of freeing curvy women from bras!

The WINNER Patagonia

Not only do they offer a range of dresses with inbuilt support, they also offer a button to filter all their dresses to just ones with inbuilt support — finally, someone who thinks inbuilt support is as important as I do! Check out the Sliding Rock, Latticeback, Magnolia and Edisto dresses.

I’m fond of Patagonia for many reasons, not least for their conscious creation of quality clothing, and involvement with charities. Their women's lines are very thoughtfully created and I really appreciate that.

Honourable mentions


“Yoga, travel and adventure clothing with a conscience” A yoga clothing brand that also offers casual clothing for away from the studio. The Elixir, Pristine, Cantine and Ardor dresses all have inbuilt support (and look lovely to boot).

Gaia Conceptions

So lovely, with a huge range of natural dye colours. But just a tad over my budget, this doesn't stop me appreciating their beauty, however!

And for each dress you can custimise material, colours and length, for a bespoke dress just for you!

I hope these suggestions will help lead you to conscious clothing that allows you to feel comfotable, supported and free. Perfect clothing for me is clothing that just works, so I don't have to think about it once I've put it on. Whether I'm teaching a yoga class, climbing mountains, or running around organising a retreat. I don't want to be disctracted by uncomfortable clothing. Great clothing allows me to just get on with being me, my clothing needs to take it's supporting role seriously!

You can buy Patagonia, Gaia and Prana from their online stores as well as the usual suspects, Amazon & eBay...