Fun and Fear of writing for magazines

My first experience with Goddess Wheels was at a training day at Glastonbury Goddess House. I was so captivated by the wheel (this was the Avalonion wheel, but in Glastonbury they also use the Wheel of the Morgens and wheel of Anna/Brigantia) I went straight home and tried to make my own wheel - the goddesses weren’t quite in the right place and I’m pretty sure I misspelled Lugnasadh. But I loved taking the pagan Wheel of the Year and bringing the Goddesses in! (the two wheels are different in some respects but I use the Wheel of the Year as my template on which to add goddesses)

I kept creating wheels and searching for others that goddess houses had made. And on the back of this I found writing an article about Goddess Wheels helped me understand them a little more, and I submitted this article to Kindred Spirit magazine, and success! it was accepted and they’ll publish in the new year.

So….. that day I go the acceptance email, my thoughts looked like this: joy! and happiness! I’m going to be published in Kindred Spirit! yay!

The day after: aaaaargh! its a terrible article! what if someone that knows more about goddess wheels reads it and thinks im an idiot! what if there are spelling errors (there definitely are, spelling is not my forte) what if i’ve explained it wrong! have I over simplified the whole premise?!

Whenever you create something with love and then send it out into the world, its scary. People will judge it, critique it and possibly even hate it.

But on reflection I would rather send these creations out there into the world and have them shot down, then not share at all.

So be Brave! (I’m saying this as much to myself as a reminder as to you guys!) and i am reminded of a good quote:

“There are people less qualified than you, doing the things you want to do, simply because they decide to believe in themselves.”

Which I actually, a scary concept for me, I know there must be people who are more qualified seeing my work and thinking “I could have done a better job of this” but all I can do is share what I know, and maybe along the way inspire some people to have a go to!

*See my article in Kindred Spirit in the new year

**If you would like to make your own Goddess Wheel, do consider submitting it to my new Goddess Wheel book project!