5 Yoga Poses for Grounding

A few simple yoga poses that will help find your earth connection

Child's Pose - Child’s Pose is a very restorative posture. To get there, from a kneeling position; spread your knees out as wide as is comfortable and bring big toes together to touch. Set your hips back to rest onto heels, and then slowly walk your palms forward. Rest your forehead on the floor.

Tree Pose - Balancing poses like the Tree are great for encouraging focus and breath control to achieve stability. It can help to find a still point in the distance to focus on - in yoga we call this the Drishti point.

Pigeon Pose - There is a suggestion that we store emotional tension in our hips. Pigeon Pose lengthens the hip flexors, releasing energy and tension.

Bridge Pose - This gentle backbend works to improve posture by strengthening the muscles on the backline of the body. It also acts as a heart opener.

Savasana—otherwise known as Corpse Pose—promotes deep relaxation. Simply lie on your back and allow yourself a few moments to find comfort in your body. Allow mother earth to support you, as you remind yourself that it is safe to let go and be supported by the earth