Essential Oils and Where to Buy Them

Where to buy your essential oils.

Buying online can be a bit ‘hit and miss’. Especially when the stockist are outside of Europe where the essences dont have to be so strictly labelled. So here are some stockists I recommend, so that you can be sure to get a pure Essential Oil.

Amphora Aromatics - cheap, cheerful and local (Bristol Based) great for buying oils for your diffuser or to sprinkle in the Bath!

Tisserand - The master of Aromatherapy, a great place to learn and to buy oils.

Cathys Attars - The best of the best, but this does mean a higher price point, these oils are to be treasured for special occasions. Attars are an ancient process of drawing the essence from a plant and holding the essence in Sandalwood Oil, which is a subtle base for all the attars.