Meditation Journeys


Meditation Journeys


Join me on these special 10 day meditation journeys.

Each Meditation journey Includes;

  • 10 unique meditations; 10-20 minutes each

  • 10 simple exercises to delve deeper into your meditation

  • A little something through the mail to say thank-you!

1) Ten Divine Days - 10 day Journey with the Archetypes of the Divine Feminine

What is the Divine Feminine?

Think, if you will, about qualities and powers that come to mind when we think of feminine energy; maybe love, kindness, nurturing come to mind. These are elements of who we are as women. Now, divine feminine represents elements of women as well as goddesses, angels, fairies and any divine female archetypes. When we talk of divine feminine archetypes; these are facets of ourselves; Healer, Warrior, Maiden, Mother, Crone - within us all are elements of these archetypes. In exploring more deeply into these separate archetypes we may discover areas for growth, inspiration and leaning. So that we may embrace every facet of ourselves, and embrace our connection with our divine power. Many beautiful archetypes have been identified; Midwife, Queen, Activator, Oracle, Storyteller, Visionary, Wilding, Warrior, Lover, Wise Woman, and Priestess. I have selected 10 powerful archetypes for a 10 day journey, but feel free to continue your journey and explore more archetypes. Like all the best journeys of discovery and transformation - this is just the beginning!

2) COMING SOON 10 Day journey with Spirit Animals

3) COMING SOON Love and War - Journeying with the Warrior Goddesses

4) COMING SOON Journey through sacred oils; Meditation and Essential oils

When you purchase these meditation journeys I will email you with a link and password for you to access the meditations, with no expiration date, they will be available to you always!

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